Scratching Collective accepting submissions on the theme of ‘beginners call’ for online scratch night

“This is your beginners call”
Hearing this backstage always brings about a wave of nervousness and excitement. This sense of anticipation is something we believe everyone can relate to, especially in 2020. The past 7 months alone have seen huge and important changes to the world we live in. We are at a point where sometimes the future seems so promising while other times, very bleak. On some days, we dream of the next 10 years and on other days, we dread it. We find ourselves constantly thinking about our roles in this process and what the future may be. This is your beginners call to a new world!
What they are looking for: For this virtual Scratch Night,  writers are invited to send in works that respond to theme ‘Beginners Call’. 4 directors (who will be revealed very soon) will be selecting 4 new scripts that will be showcased on this virtual scratch night. The deadline for script submissions is 30th July 5pm BST/ 1159pm SGT so remember to send them in by then. Send to
Deadline: 30 July 2020 at 5pm 
Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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