Sedos seeking 10 minute scripts for production in London & Edinburgh (£5 entry fee)

A production team from Sedos, a well-respected London based amateur theatre company is looking for submissions of 10 minute scripts to join a line-up of four other scripts to form part of a hour of short plays to be performed in late July/early August 2016 in both London (the Bridewell Theatre) and at the Edinburgh Fringe festival (Greenside Venues).

The submission period runs from now until 11th March 2016.

What to submit: The key requirement is that scripts must follow the theme of “Frenemies” but interpretation of that theme and choice of genre and format is open to the writer’s imagination (subject to a couple of practical parameters as set out in the guidelines).

Fee:  There is a £5 entry fee for non-Sedos members which is payable upon submission.

How to apply:  Submissions are open now and can be accessed at this link:

Additional submission guidelines can be found via a link on the submission page.

Deadline: 11 March 2016

Source: Direct contact

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