Shore Scripts Feature, TV Pilot & Short Screenplay Contests

It’s the last month to enter Shore Scripts Feature, TV Pilot & Short Screenplay Contests.
The details: 
* 37 Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy & Bafta Winning Judges
* 98 Prod Comps & Agents and 25 amazing Directors to read the winning screenplays.
* Oscar winning Alumni. We’ve helped 50+ Writers gain representation, sell, and have their screenplays produced.
* Over the course of 2018, we are giving away $35K in Cash & Prizes, including meetings with top managers & agents.
“Placing highly in our screenplay competition will help open doors and get your work read by the people who can make a difference.”
How to apply: for all the details and to submit your script go to the website. 
Deadline: 31 August 2018 (Midnight USA Pacific Time)
Source: direct contact

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