Short monologues on freedom sought for Director’s Cut showcase

Writers’ submisssions on the theme of freedom are open for The Director’s Club Showcase on Sunday 12 February at Southwark Playhouse.

What to submit: 5-7 minute monologues or duologues. Comedy, drama and dark pieces.

Director’s Cut  is looking for writers to create characters who tell a story about themselves.  The character must have either faced or be facing a situation where they do not feel free, or are not free (also there may be cases where they may not realise it themselves – but the audience would). Freedom means different things to different people so this is completely open to the writer on what they choose for their character’s situation.

Two types of story-telling:  a character’s story can be reflective (reflecting back on the past and their journey/experience) or  a character’s journey can be set in the present moment facing their dilemma.

Writers should think “outside of the box”.  Director’s Cut likes twists but these are not essential.

Please read the full details here.

How to appply:  Please send to with FREE and the title of your play in the subject heading.  Scripts must be sent in PDF format.

Deadline:  Monday 23 January 2017, 12pm

Source:  BBC WritersRoom

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