Sláinte! Theatre – Heads or Tales? Scratch Night

Slàinte! Theatre is an Irish and Scottish new writing theatre company based in London which is running a monthly scratch night: Heads or Tails?

Writers will present two scenes from a piece of work: their first scene and their last. As a theatre company, Sláinte focuses on representing Scottish and Irish Voices and would ask submissions for work to reflect this. There will be time after each performance for the writer to engage with the audience, allowing them to ask questions, gain feedback etc.

Be prepared for minimal lighting, simple black box stage and no backstage. This is also an unpaid opportunity, with the hopes of creating a new community here in London.

Link to submission form:…/11u5dpJTELSZV8a…/edit

For any queries please email

Deadline: Midnight 30th of December.

Source: Playwriting Submissions and Competitions Facebook group.

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