SLAMinutes does Gender Spectrum – open for applications

30 Performers + ONE Location + ONE Vital Topic + ONE Minute Each

SLAM Minutes are looking for 30 playwrights, spoken word artists, comedians, visual, drag and burlesque artists, singer-songwriters and everyone in between to submit one minute each of their voice, their perspective on gender for performance on 23rd Feburary as part of London’s Vault Festival.

Please see the callout details below in their words:

“We want to hear your story, your perspective, whoever you are on gender. Whether you are trans, non-binary, male, female or however you identify or don’t identify. Whether you have been held to ransom by the skin you’re in, or not, whether you have been subjected to toxic masculinity, or are toxic masculinity, what’s it like to be a woman? What’s it like to just be? Have you been tarred with a brush that isn’t you, blamed for associations of structured gender through metoo or homophobia or just plain bigots? Having a word about feminism – no – having a word about equality. Do you just want to empower others and feel empowered. Or just say this is me, and what? 

Gender is socially barricaded, sometimes. Gender is politically barricaded, sometimes, to serve a purpose. This is the opposite of that. This will burst through and explode the other side wearing whatever it chooses or nothing.”

Submit your 1 minute piece

Deadline: 20th January 2020 

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