SLAMinutes seeking writers and performers for secret shows

SLAMinutes is a pop- up event for artists. They are looking for people to write one minute pieces to be performed in a top secret location each week and broadcast over Youtube and social media.

What’s involved: 

  • A guerilla theatre company.
  • 30 writers.
  • 1 minute each.
  • 1 Trending Topic.
  • Rapid Write Response.
  • Infinite opinions.
  • Solid entertainment.
  • Open conversation.

In their words: “Playwrights, Spoken Word Artist, Singer Songwriters and Comedians WHAT is going on with the world? Each week 30 of you will have ONE week to write ONE minute on what’s going down on the news, the hashtags, the idle small talk that week. EVERY piece selected will be published and covered by original art specific to the pieces, and you will receive the royalties.”

They are looking to put together an evening of solid gold entertainment, varied, honest, social, political, funny, open and full of hard hits.

How to apply: Register here to take part.

Deadline: 2 October 2017 

Source: BBCWritersroom

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