SLAMinutes – SLAMinutes does Mental Health through the pandemic

SLAMinutes does Mental Health through the pandemic

And this time we’re staying home

“It’s been scary. Everything built from our simplest of routines to the cornerstones of our stability has recently been thrown into a mass wobble. Isolation and loneliness are intertwined, and major change has shaken up all of our heads. As we peer through the cracks of what happens next – the thought of stepping a toe back out into the world can feel as uncertain. We will come out the other side, though, changed and stronger. The fact is, we are all in this together, but without physically being together it’s hard to find the comfort in that. So – let’s be heard, let’s be understood – shouting from the rooftops about how this feels individually to find connection in how it feels collectively.”

SLAMinutes does Mental Health (through the pandemic) is a mission to show that no one is alone – the best way we know how: as creatively as possible and in one minute.

They are looking for ONE MINUTE submissions from every discipline – playwrights, spoken word artists, comedians, singer-songwriters, drag artists, performance artists, poets: you name it. These can be self-taped, a film, or written (they will cast it for you but will, obviously, need to be socially distanced). They will distribute these digitally, across social media to prove that no one is alone in isolation and when it is all over they will edit them into a short film: a time capsule of ‘what happened when …’

Submit your 1 Minute piece using this link

Deadline: 30 August 2020

Source: BBC Writersroom

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