Solas Festival – accepting submissions for playwriting competition

Solas Festival (Scotland) is  looking for 5 minute plays or a 5 minute excerpt from a play that can be rehearsed and read at the festival. Sarah Rose Graber, currently with the National Theatre of Scotland will curate and direct the event.

How to apply: write your five minute play (3-5 pages in standard playwriting format), add in a short paragraph describing each character and a brief synopsis of the play.
Submit your entry to As this is an anonymous submission, please do not put your name on the documents, just the title of the play/excerpt.

What happens next: Sarah Rose will choose 2 plays to be openly rehearsed and then performed at Solas. Two other plays will be selected as runners-up and will receive written feedback. The great thing about this Solas event is that people in the audience can participate as actors in the plays so this is truly an inclusive occasion.
Now, lock yourself in your study and get writing!
For further information, please contact (Henry Bell)

Deadline: Wednesday 11 June 2014 at 5pm.

Source: @Playwriting_UK

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