Sparkhaus call out for writers for Ignite 6 scratch night

Writers & Theatre Makers Sparkhaus Theatre are looking for writers and theatre makers who have brand new ideas to try out as part of their 6th scratch night, IGNITE.

They are interested in: presenting a space for new ideas to grow, encouraging writers to take risks in a safe space and bringing together writers, directors and actors to form new collaborations. They hope to hear from writers and theatre makers who are interested in work that responds to the here and now. 

What they offer:

  •  4 hours of rehearsal space 
  • They match writers up with directors and actors 
  • Dramaturgical support to scripts 

The rules:

  • No more than 3 actors – they have limited space 
  • No tech 
  • 10 minutes MAX 

How to apply:  If you have an idea for a theatre piece or a script that needs airtime then send  your proposal (no more than 500 words), or your 10-minute script to Please put IGNITE as the subject. Four pieces will be chosen to perform on the night and all who express an interest will hear back by Friday 11th October. 

Deadline: 7 October 2019 

Source: direct contact

“Directors & actors: We’d love to hear from Directors and Actors who would like to be part of this scratch night. This is a great opportunity to meet other artists and to keep flexing that acting or directing muscle whilst also supporting the growth of new ideas. Please let us know if you are interested in being part of this event by introducing yourself and sending over your CV/spotlight account to, with the headline DIRECTOR or ACTOR as the subject. “


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