Stage Q Call for Scripts for Queer Shorts 9 (Madison, Wisconsin)

StageQ invites you to submit a short play for our ninth annual festival of short queer plays, Queer Shorts 9.  Queer Shorts 1 – 8 were sold-out smash hits, and you could be part of the fun during their 2014 playfest.  Queer Shorts 9 will be performed June 13-21, 2014 at the Bartell Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, with possible teaser performances as part of other events in the spring and summer of 2014.

What to submit:  Plays should be no longer than 15 minutes in length, “but 5 or 10 minutes would be even better”.  Musicals are welcome.

Please send no more than 3 scripts. And please don’t re-submit scripts that you have sent in the past.

In addition to your script, please include a one-page précis, including:

  • One-paragraph description of the plot
  • Casting requirements (number of actors, gender, ages, special requirements, if any)
  • Set requirements (remember, this is a playfest with 10 – 12 plays in one evening; we use cubes to create the sets; simple is better!)
  • Running time (no more than 15 minutes!)
  • Special technical requirements, if any
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Is there lesbian, gay or other queer content? (Required)
  • Is there nudity? Adult language?
  • If a musical, is there a written score?
  • If a musical, what are the instrumental requirements? Vocal requirements?

How to apply:  Email your script and précis to

Deadline:  1 January 2014

Source:  Play Submissions Helper

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