Structuring Our Stories Workshop at the Soho Theatre (£30)

Structuring Our Stories
26 May 2015, 2-5pm
Soho Theatre

Workshop description:  “Playwrights tell stories and write profound things, but they also build plays. It’s spelled playwright after all, not playwrite. Too often we get stuck discussing the meaning of our plays, when really our focus can be turned towards the structure of our work. What does it do? How does it create arc? Does it provide space for collaboration? Led by playwright Jake Jeppson, this intensive three-hour workshop offers participants a broad grounding in the principles of structure to bolster their writing as they prepare for the VBA.”

Fee:  The workshop costs £30 to attend (£25 concessions).

How to book:  Bookings can be made through the workshop page.

Source:  Soho Theatre e-newsletter

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