The 8 Minute USA Presidential Elections Playwriting Contest (Los Angeles)

Are you confused, enraged, or amused by the spectacle of the USA Presidential elections?  This is your chance to have your say.

Los Angeles’s Scribbler Theatre is seeking 8 minute plays and 3 minute monologues. The top ten plays will be performed in the Hollywood Fringe Theatre Festival in June 2016.

What to submit:

  • No longer than 8 Minutes.
  • ( Monologues no longer than 3 minutes).
  • Limit 3 plays.
  • Limit 3 monologues.

Subject:  Not limited to 2016. Remember Al Smith, Al Gore, Ike,1776, etc, etc? You can write about real or fictional people.

Please also include a one page bio with your submission.


How to apply: No email/computer submissions. Snail mail plays/monologues  to :

Hollywood  Scribbler Theatre
c/o John O’Donnell
P. O. Box 291460
Los Angeles Ca.

Please do not send mail that requires a signature.

Questions?  Contact:   scribblerusa    AT

Deadline: Saturday 14 May 2016

Source: Direct contact

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