The Bruntwood Prize: Free livestreamed workshops for 2019

Ahead of this year’s competition, the Bruntwood Prize will be offering 6 exciting brand-new livestreamed workshops for 2019.  Led by internationally recognised playwrights these six session are completely free to access and will augment a growing archive of workshops created for the Bruntwood Prize. All of which can be accessed on their Write a Play website. This year’s sessions include…

Tuesday 19 February: David Eldridge – Telling story as dramatic action: making backstory active and other tips, notes and thoughts.

Thursday 7 March: Jo Clifford– on epic narratives and political (with a small “p”) metaphors and being political in your work.

Monday 25 March: Patricia Cornelius- Lovely, lovely, sometimes ugly dialogue with Playwriting Australia 

Thursday 18 April: Winsome Pinnock on the relationship between the epic and the intimate in writing for the stage.

Wednesday 22 May: Tanika Gupta on how you might explore your work to ensure that the story you want to tell is clear, dramatic and theatrical.

How to take part in the workshops: simply visit the site on the date listed! Workshops will be livestreamed from 6pm-8pm, then archived on the Bruntwood Prize Youtube and linked to their website. You can also see their archive of past livestream workshops in 2015 and 2017 here.

Deadline: (for the competition – 5 June 2019) but you can access the workshops from the dates listed above.

Source: Write a Play

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