The Female Edit call out for female identifying writers

“A Call to Arms for our scribing sisters!”

The Female Edit is a female creative collective formed in 2018, with a view to contributing towards the conversation about gender equality through creative work. They are committed to shining a light on the stories of all identifying as female, ensuring a diversity of ethnicity, age, social class, and sexuality is represented on stage.

On the 14th of December 2018, to commemorate 100 years since the first woman in the UK was able to cast a vote, they curated an evening of work, produced, directed, written, and performed by women at Above the Arts Theatre (The Female Edit:100). This show was a hugely successful night, with a diverse range of female voices, covering a wide range of issues.

From this point forward, their shows will focus on particular themes, addressing issues and stories, current and historical, that affect women. Their next production, being staged on October 10th and 11th at The Chapel Playhouse will be on the notion of motherhood.

What they are looking for: They are hoping for a selection of pieces which are celebratory, that are bold and unapologetic or posit an alternative way of being; an opportunity to re-write the narrative.

In addition to the more traditional stories we are exposed to about motherhood, they are hoping to hear about the less explored areas such as choosing to be child free, abortion, surrogacy, stepmother-hood, LGBTQI+ parenting, regretting being a mother, absent mothers… you get the idea!

What to send: they would love submissions of monologues, duologues, songs, or spoken word. Each piece should be no longer than ten minutes. Please bear in mind that this exciting, new, fully accessible, venue is relatively low-tech – so no flying cars or pyrotechnics can be accommodated!

“At this stage in proceedings, what we can offer with regards to remuneration in that the profits from the show will be equally divided amongst those taking part.”

How to apply: Applications are open immediately, please email them to:

(There is no entry fee)

Deadline: 21 August 2019 at 6pm

Source: direct contact

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