The New Works Playhouse accepting submissions

The New Works Playhouse is a new organisation which aims to make the performing arts industry accessible to those who might not find it easy to be a part of it. They accept applications for performers and writers to be on their books and showcase talented performers and writers through online read-through events and online/live performances of new works submitted by their writers.
How to apply: The application form for writers can be accessed through their website and you will also need to submit a CV (preferably without personal information such as a home telephone number or home address) and a blurb followed by one scene in PDF format.
There is no closing date for applications as they will continue to host events as long as new written pieces are submitted. There is also no entry fee/application fee/membership fee for writers. Instead, they will raise funds through donations and tickets to the events through suggested donations. To ensure that they remain accessible, all events and performances are on a donation basis to ensure that those with financial difficulties also have access.
For more information or visit the website at
Deadline: rolling 
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