The Space Prize (apply with theatre company)

The Space Prize for digital innovation is for new ways to explore original digital theatre to be showcased on The Space.  The £20,000 prize money is to be given to the theatre company that produces the most original digital theatre idea.

BBC Writersroom and The Space have created a new theatre award to recognise innovation and explore the concept of original digital theatre.  They are looking for bold ideas that experiment with the possibilities of the digital space.  Immersive, imaginative, innovative – they are seeking new ways of working with writers and storytelling that will provide The Space with a unique piece of work.

The prize of £20,000 will go to the theatre that produces the most original idea to showcase on the digital arts service The Space, the BBC’s online partnership with

Arts Council England and will be judged by Stephen Daldry (Director), Ruth Mackenzie (CEO The Space) and Kate Rowland (BBC Creative Director, New Writing).

They are looking for theatres to capture imaginations through the use of digital technology to create a unique theatrical experience that will be shown on The Space.  The Space Prize is about encouraging theatres to innovate and explore new ways of performing, and capturing audiences. It’s about discovering the implications and possibilities of new technology on storytelling. We are not looking to record existing theatre shows or ideas that have already been produced on another platform.

What to submit:  Please note that applications will only be accepted from theatre companies and artistic directors.  Writers are NOT eligible to apply individually.

  • Submit a 1-2 page pitch outlining your vision, what you want to do, where, how, and who your ideal creative team will be. Only one idea can be submitted per Theatre Company.
  • All pitches must be submitted by or on behalf of the Artistic Director or CEO of your Theatre Company
  • Be sure to outline why your idea is the bold experiment that will challenge and engage an audience with a thought provoking piece of digital theatre.
  • This is a very broad brief so you can essentially submit anything so long as it’s a unique piece of storytelling which harnesses digital technology
  • Here’s a recent example of digital storytelling for The Space – a co-commission with LIFT.
  • Shortlisted ideas may be required to provide further information and budget details for the judges.
  • Closing date is 5pm, July 4th 2014. The judges’ decision is final and will be made by July 31st 2014.

How to apply:  Email your idea to Kenneth.O’ with the subject line: THE SPACE PRIZE and please also provide a contact telephone number.

Deadline: 4 July 2014 at 5pm

Source: BBC Writersroom 

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