Thistledew Desert Theatre (USA) seeking monologues and radio plays

Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre, with KTDT radio station request submission of rib-tickling monologues and plays funninesses, laughably moving wacky slap-sticks and side-splitting comedies. Dramatic action-packed jocularities, hilariously electrifying stories of mayhem, humorously riveting absurd monologues and short plays.

What to submit:  They are looking for plays on the following themes (in their own words):

  • Potluck! Stories about the food we eat, shouldn’t eat, can’t eat (but do anyway), don’t eat for the silliest of reasons, et cetera… 
  • Tarradiddlers: Monologues and plays to fill our Liar’s Lair!
  • (Clue: Pinocchio was one of the original Tarradiddlers.)
  • Super Heros (Of your own making).
  • Tales Told After School (No identifiable names).
  • Halloween (need I say more?)
  • Thanksgiving: Dinner with the family.
  • Mr. & Mrs Claus. (November 15 deadline): What’s with the elves?

For more details and to access detailed formatting rules, please see the website.

How to apply:  Submit your play to Tom at

Deadline:  Rolling

Source:  UK Playwriting Facebook

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