Traverse Theatre seeking scripts for annual open submission window

Traverse Theatre have opened their annual submission window, and are seeking bold, brilliant and innovative new plays. They are looking for full-length scripts from writers from across the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

In their words: “We want to know what you have to say about the world today – where we are going, what consumes us, what matters. Provoke us, entice us, move us and give us a story that could only be told on the Traverse stages.”

They will not accept:

  • plays that have already been produced elsewhere
  • adaptations, poems, novels, short stories, or television, film or radio scripts
  • musicals, historical dramas or bio-plays
  • short plays (scripts must be over 30 minutes in length)
  • more than one play per writer per year
  • redrafts of previously submitted work, even if retitled
  • plays by writers based outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

To ensure an unbiased response to your play, all scripts received through Open Submissions are read anonymously. Please remove your name and contact details from the script itself, and check that your play is clearly formatted, with page numbers, cast list and potential cast doubling noted before sending it.

How to apply: Submissions can be made here via the Traverse Theatre website.

Deadline: 30 September 2017 

Source: Direct Contact

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