Two Flats Theatre: A Blue Something – live streaming from The Space 30 March & 1st April!

One of the few positives to come from the past year is that in the face of adversity so many theatre makers have continued to create amazing theatre, helping to keep us entertained (and giving us hope) throughout lockdown. The new theatre company, Two Flats Theatre, a group artists who are also flat mates, have done exactly this with their new show, A Blue Something which will be streaming live from The Space on 30 March & 1 April. We asked them to tell us more about the project and how we can watch it from the comfort of our sofas…

Two Flats Theatre wants to open up a conversation…  

A deer killer, a pregnant woman, an unsuccessful actor and a man  awaiting permission to die are stuck in a waiting room.  

Many artists, creators & theatre lovers are truly missing that thrilling feeling of  experiencing an actor’s adrenaline. Listening to each word which intensifies  as the narrative moves us from one place to the other. 

A group of 2020 drama school graduates especially felt this. During the  summer after graduation they decided to move in together. And thus the  company Two Flats Theatre emerged… 

The writer of the group wrote a new inventive piece of theatre: A Blue  Something. It’s a play which explores the fine line between unfulfillment,  control and success.  

As fellow artists, flatmates, drama school graduates & friends they have been  able to rehearse an exciting piece of new writing with strong visuals,  original score and movement as a tool for storytelling. 

And now it is finally ready!  

The show will be live-streamed. at The Space, a charming theatre in  London. 

A Blue Something, coming to you veeery soon: 30 March & 1 April 2021. 

How to book: click here for more information and to get your tickets!

And thus Two Flats Theatre wants to bring back that thrilling feeling. One  which inspires us to open up a conversation after watching a piece of  theatre. Or perhaps, even more important, feel the joys of seeing actors  perform in a room together. Because that is when we feel truly alive, and  we don’t want it to end. We never want it to end.

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