What’s the Form? Workshop on the 21st April with Tom Wright

What do we mean by form in theatre? How can we feel empowered to discover bold and fitting forms to tell our stories? This session will unlock your creative imagination and further your understanding of form.

The session is for writers of all experiences levels to further their understanding of form and how to experiment within their plays, through a mixture of discussion, group text work and practical exercises. Bring a pen and paper, and an idea for a play you have been developing or would like to develop.

Cost: £28


Section 1 – Insight from Tom (45 mins)

Section 2 – Discussion and analysis (30 mins)

Break – 30 mins

Section 3 – Practical application (60 mins)

Section 4 – Wrap up & questions (15 mins)

Date: Tuesday 21st April 3pm – 6pm

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