Winner of the Papatango New Writing Prize announced…

The winner of the 2015 Papatango New Writing Prize has been announced!  Playwright James Rushbrook has taken home the seventh annual prize for his play TOMCAT, which was chosen from over 600 entries.

A little teaser of the play can be found on the Papatango website:

“Oh, she’s dangerous. But not because of her genes. Because of you.”

In the not-too-distant future, the world is better than ever. Diseases and disorders have been wiped out. But Jess doesn’t belong. She slipped through the net and there’s something dangerous in her DNA, something that must be ‘cured’.

Charlie is watching Jess. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep society safe.

As debate over genetic screening rages, Tomcat’s urgent vision questions the lengths to which we will go to keep humanity healthy.

When you can learn everything about a person on a computer screen, does that mean there’s nothing left to discover?

Congratulations, James!!!

Source:  The Stage, Papatango

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