Women at RADA seeking 15 minute pieces for performance at Arts Theatre

Women at RADA is seeking 5 new pieces of writing inspired by the theme “Calm Down Dear – Politics” for Women At RADAs first night of new writing upstairs at the Arts Theatre, West End on Sunday July 19th.

What to submit:  Pieces can cover a wide range of topics as long as they are inspired by the political – whether that be in parliament or in the pub.

Pieces should be 15 minutes or less in length and may be extracts or complete pieces that have not yet received a full professional production. They must be written for four actors or less, and at least 50% of the cast must be women, who must receive at least 50% of the stage time.

How to apply:  Please submit by emailing the piece and a short CV to natasha.women@rada.ac.uk with the subject line ‘Calm Down Dear Writers’. Deadline for submissions is July 9th at 6pm, those selected will be notified by July 11th. Pieces will then be allocated a director and a cast. They welcome submissions from writers of all genders.

Deadline:  9 July 2015 at 6pm

Source: Women@RADA

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