Work Bard/Play Bard opportunity to show Bard-inspired work at the Pleasance

After a sell-out performance of the first Work Bard/Play Bard in October 2014, all-female Shakespeare troupe Smooth Faced Gentlemen (SFG) are hosting their second night of Bard-inspired work at the Pleasance Islington on Sunday 15 February. As the candles will still be smouldering from St. Valentine’s Day, SFG wants to focus on LOVE. Love of Shakespeare, love of each other, love of love…

SFG has invited some of the country’s hottest young theatre groups to perform at this event and it’s inviting up to six IdeasTap members or companies to join them and showcase their work on the night.

Brief winners will work with the other companies on the day of the performance. They will also be invited to a general mentoring session with the SFG team within three months of Work Bard/Play Bard.

The winners will be required to attend a full day rehearsal on the performance day, Sunday 15 February from 10am.

What to submit:  SFG is looking for all types of work. It can be work you’ve performed before, or something new you create in response to the brief. And, although SFG is primarily programming work on the main stage, it’s also looking for work that can take place in the bar and around the audience.

The night will be a chance to perform, to network, and join the conversation. If you want the opportunity to play with Shakespeare, to investigate fresh ways of performing the work, to showcase your own style to an eager audience, or just express your love then SFG want to hear from you!

How to apply:  Applications can be made via the IdeasTap brief.

What to submit:  You’ll need to write a brief proposal of the work you’d like to perform – up to 300 words.

Please include:

  • What you’re proposing to perform and why
  • An idea of how you will perform it
  • How your piece relates to gender and love
  • Which Shakespeare play(s) it’s derived from, and how
  • If it’s been performed before, some information on where, when, and how it was received
  • What sort of environment would suit it best (stage, bar, etc.)

Please upload a CV and your supporting material to your IdeasTap portfolio – the judges will look at this when evaluating your application.

Deadline:  6 February 2015 at 5pm

Source:  IdeasTap Briefs

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