#WrAP2023 Redrafting Workshop (Zoom)

As promised, we’re going to help you redraft your #WrAP2023. We want to help you to continue working on your ideas and take those #WrAP2023 plays to the next level!

We’ll be offering you a Redrafting Zoom session on April 19th. The session will be recorded and sent out to everyone on the #WrAP2023 mailing list so don’t worry if you can’t make it.

If you can make it, please book your place via Eventbrite. There is no extra charge for this session but we do ask that you book so we have an idea of numbers!

London Playwrights members who didn’t take part in #WrAp are also welcome, but you do need an active membership in order to book.*


*Projects such as these are supported entirely by our members. Please sign up if you can!


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