Zenpens – Silent Writing Retreat

Do you dutifully start typing only to be tempted to dive into Instagram, or start cleaning the kitchen, or Skype an old friend…?

Zenpens is an exciting new writer’s retreat based in Cardiff City Centre. Adapted from the Writer’s Army workshops created by the New York playwright Anne Washburn, Zenpens allows writers to concentrate solely on their work in meditative silence. No phones. No social media. No distractions.

Meeting at 10am will we begin with a short writing exercises and continue silent writing until 12pm.  

Money collected at the retreat is used to pay for the space and its upkeep. If you can, please pay the suggested donation of £8 or £5 concession.

Date and location: The next Zenpens will be taking place on the 22nd June at the Quaker Meeting House, Cardiff. 

How to apply: Spaces are limited, so please email your interest to Paul Stoyle a tzenpenssilentretreat@gmail.com or visit https://zenpens-silentwritersretreats.yolasite.com/ for more information”.

Deadline: not applicable 

Source: direct contact

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