Zodiak Kids Writers Award

In partnership with BBC Writersroom and NI Screen, Zodiak Kids Studios is looking for the most exciting writers with a strong connection to Northern Ireland to develop an original Children’s comedy television series, with a particular focus on CBBC.

With an established production base in Northern Ireland, Zodiak Kids Studios is looking to find the next generation of potential  Children’s comedy / comedy-drama writers.

With support from BBC Writersroom and NI Screen, up to six new writers to this genre will have an opportunity to be paid to develop an original series idea; two writers will subsequently be selected to win a pilot script commission.



We are looking for new and established writers, even those who may not have written for Children’s television before, to submit:

  1. a writing sample at least 30 pages in length;
  2. a 2-page pitch for an original contemporary comedy / comedy-drama idea suitable for CBBC featuring at least 4 characters between the ages of 12 and 16

What they are looking for: authentic Northern Irish voices in the story that will appeal to a CBBC audience. Comedy will be key – even in a more dramatic idea or storyline.  We should be able to get a sense of the original characters, the locality, flair for visual comedy and tone of the story within the pitch document and spec.

How to apply: find out more here

Deadline: 23 September 2019 at 12 noon

Source: BBC Writersroom


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