New writing festival of 80 plays to help raise funds for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Claire-Monique Martin is currently putting together a new writing festival of 80 new plays to help raise funds for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. The globe is on the verge of collapse financially During this crisis and doesn’t get any help from the government or The national lottery fund in the U.K.
She needs the follow: 80 news plays – can be about anything from around the globe – 60 short plays (10 mins max) 20 full length plays (90 mins max). Actors/ directors – to rehearse via zoom.
The format would be for each group to get a slot – 3 short 1 long per day for 20 days in June and will run as a festival for people to sign up and watch via Facebook/Youtube live. This will be a free event encouraging people to donate via a just giving page. This is an opportunity to showcase new material.
How to Respond:
Please email me via either or with a a synopsis and length.
Deadline: no set deadline.
Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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