Equal Opportunities Information – why do we ask?



London Playwrights Workshop & London Playwrights Blog are dedicated to being inclusive to people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and ages.

We sometimes get questions from people wondering why we request this information, and who may feel uncomfortable providing it.

We wanted to demystify the process a bit, because regardless of who you are or where you’re from, no one wants to feel like a tick box or a statistic.

Here’s how these forms help us:

  • We’re really proud that people of all ages and backgrounds use our blog and have been part of our workshops. We see diversity as being inclusive to as broad a reach of London writers as possible.
  • We can check who is interested in our work and who we’re reaching – and also find out if there are groups who aren’t represented, who we should put a bit work into engaging with.
  • These forms help us avoid implicit bias, and see whether we’re working with is representative of the applicant pool.
  • When we apply for funding, we’re required to provide this information. Showing the huge range of people involved in our work makes our applications stronger and helps us do more work for you and the new writing community!

Please note that you are NEVER required to provide information you are not comfortable sharing, or even submit a form at all.

But please do consider providing as much information as you’re comfortable with. For us, diversity means there’s room at the table for everyone. We’re glad you’re part of our network of writers, and would love to have the stats to show it!