After the success of the launch of our Zoom workshops in 2020,  we’re excited to bring you a selection of courses to take you into 2021! 

Whilst we’d love to see you in person again soon (and when the time comes when we can run live events and courses again, we’ll be straight in there), we’ve absolutely loved being able to meet even more of you through the online workshops we’ve run so far! We’ll therefore be continuing to develop this strand of our work when things (eventually) return to ‘normal’ and we’re really pleased that this means we can reach more of you from London and beyond, whilst keeping our prices accessible without the costs associated with space hire.

We hope too see as many of you at our online workshops as possible and will be adding more listings to this page as we go along, so keep checking!

Don’t forget – Members pay at least 20% less so if you’re not signed up yet, join here!



LPW Online Workshops: An Introduction to Musical Theatre Writing-Style and Structure

  Date: 12 December 2020   16 January 2021 11am-1pm. Cost: £13 non-members/ £9 members. 

A 2 hour overview of musical theatre style and structure and how to get started! This 2 hour workshop with Emily Garside is aimed at anyone looking to make a start in musical theatre.  Find out more and book here.

LPW Online Workshops: An Introduction to Musical Theatre Writing- Starting Writing!

Date: Saturday 19 December Saturday 23 January 2021 2020 11am-1pm.   Cost: £13 non-members/ £9 members 

Designed as a ‘sequel’ to the introduction to musical theatre (find out more here), but also working as a stand alone, this two hour course breaks down starting to write a musical. Find out more and book here.

LPW Online Workshops: Writing for Screen (4 week course)

Dates: Wednesday 6th January – Wednesday 27th January 7-9pm (4 weekly sessions) Cost: £45 non-members/ £36 members

This 4-week course will explore the skills required to write a screenplay or TV pilot. Beginning with an interrogation of the fundamental principles of good storytelling, the course will go on to consider other key elements of writing for screen including character, dramatic structure, and visual storytelling. Find out more and book here.

LPW Playwrights’ Playground: A new online drop-in writing group

Date: 9 January 2020 11am-1pm. Cost £7 non-members/ £5 members
A new drop-in writing group from London Playwrights! Find out more and book here. 

LPW Online Workshops: Re-invention: Writing for Zoom

Date: Monday 11 January 5pm – 7pm.   Cost: £13 non-members/ £9 members 

This 2 hour workshop will explore inventive ways of utilising Zoom as a platform for dramatic writing; considering digital performance as a medium of it’s own. Find out more and book here.  


LPW Online Workshops: Writing for Audio (4 week introductory course)

Dates: Tuesdays 12th Jan, 19th Jan, 26th Jan, 2nd Feb 2021 5pm-7pm. Cost: £45 non-members/ £36 members

Want to write for Audio? No idea where to start? Look no further! This brand new 4-week long course run by our Literary Projects Manager George Bailey will give you the tools, techniques and knowledge to craft your own audio work. Find out more and book here.

LPW Online Workshops: Playwrighting for Everyone (A 6 Week Course)

Dates:  6 weeks from Tuesday 19th January, 7pm-9pm.   Cost: £63 non members/ £48 members

In this six week course of 2 hour sessions with Emily Garside, we will combine writing advice and exercises with talking about our own work and sharing/reading extracts (only if you want to!). Designed for anyone whatever your experience of writing! Find out more and book here.

LPW Online Workshops: Playwrighting for Everyone – Write a Play!

Dates: 6 weeks from Thursday 14th January, 7pm-9pm.   Cost: £63 non members/ £48 members

Following the ‘Playwrighting for Everyone’ course, which opened up the mystical writing courses of theatre for everyone, this second course is designed to help you focus your writing and write that play! Find out more and book here. 

LPW Online Workshops: Producing Your Own Play

Date: Saturday 23 January 2021 3pm-5pm. Cost £13 non-members/ £9 members
When theatre festivals do finally start up again there will be huge competition for slots, so it will pay to know what you are letting yourself in for. This 2-hour crash course will explore some of the key considerations when thinking about taking your own work to a theatre festival or the fringe. Find out more and book here. 

Writing for Audio – Developing Your Work for Pitching and Production (Next level course) 

Dates: 5pm – 7pm – Wednesday 17th Feb, Wednesday 24th Feb, Wednesday 3rd March, Wednesday 9th March 2021
Designed as a follow on from the Writing for Audio Introduction course, this is a deeper look at creating work for Audio. Find out more and book here. 


LPW Online Workshops: Making an Impact in Your Opening Scene

Date: Saturday 27 February 2021 10am-11.30am      cost: £11 non-members/ £8 members
How do you pack a punch in your opening scene? How much information should you give your audience? And what does it take to hook the reader from the very first page? In this workshop, you’ll explore how to make those first few pages count. Find out more and book here.


LPW Online Workshops: Pitching Your Play (with confidence!)

Date: Saturday 20 February 2021 10am-12pm Cost: £13 non members/ £9 members

As playwrights, we have to pitch in many different ways: from an interview for a writer development programme to a meeting with a producer to a friend asking ‘what are you writing at the moment?’ Learn to pitch with confidence!  Find out more and book here. 

LPW Online Workshops: Writing Compelling Dialogue

Date and time: Saturday 6th March 2021 at 10am-12pm  Cost: £13 non-members/ £9 members

Kimberley Andrews leads this intensive two-hour workshop designed to sharpen your dialogue skills!  Find out more and book here. 



Events: Coming up in 2021

Watch this space for details of our events coming soon.