300 Thoughts for Theatremakers by Russell Lucas available to pre-order now

‘The future of theatre will belong to the maverick minds who possess the skills to mix things up and who have enough tools in their box to trick the game.’

This is a practical, grassroots, self-empowerment book for theatremakers. It’s for anybody who wants to make live theatre, whether you’re an actor, a director, a producer, a designer or a writer. Whether you’re all of these, or none of them. Categories don’t matter. What matters is making your show, and putting it in front of an audience.

This book is not a method, nor a practice. It’s an accessible toolbox of reflections and provocations designed to help you – an independent-minded, career-driven, professional theatremaker – along the path towards achieving your dreams.

Inside, Russell Lucas shares his decades of experience in independent theatremaking, covering aspects including:

  • Generating and developing ideas
  • Working with other creatives
  • Promoting your show and selling tickets
  • Understanding the power of the audience
  • Making ends meet and sustaining your career

He tackles abstract problems, dissects the practical ones, and debunks plenty of myths along the way. Inspiring and unconventional, but always grounded in sound, real-world sense, 300 Thoughts for Theatremakers is a book for anyone who’s passionate about a life in theatre, and wants to make that a reality.

Available to pre-order here.

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