£3,000 Commission for Black artists based in Watford and Bristol

tiata fahodzi is looking for two artists that identify as Black British or British African heritage, one
from Watford and the South-East and one from the Bristol and Bath area, to create an artist-led
creative response to the workshops and conversations that are happening as part of their six-month
research project Black Earth: Resistance, Anti-Racism and the Environment.

Each artist will be paid £3,000 and will have two months to create a work-in-progress piece with the
support of the tiata fahodzi team. In addition to the commission, there will be an additional £500
available for materials and expenses.

If you are a Black artist based in Watford and the South-East (excluding London) or the Bristol and
Bath areas and you would like to apply, please get in touch with one of the following:

 An email with no more than 500 words.
 A video that is no more than three minutes long.
 A voice note that is no more than three minutes long.

Please also send one example of your work.

 No more than 10 written pages.
 No more than 10 minutes of video footage or audio recording.

The deadline for applications will be 5 August 2022 at 5pm. Your applications should be sent to

You can read the full artist callout on the tiata fahodzi website:

Deadline: 5 August 2022

Source: direct contact

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