3MT seeking 3-6 minute scripts for Playathon

3MT is seeking submissions of 3-6 minute plays for its upcoming Playathon.

What to submit:  They have published the following criteria:

  • keep the set simple,
  • keep the cast to 6 or less,
  • Biographical and autobiographical,
  • keep the research element to a minimum,
  • Fictionalise as much or as little as you like,
  • Just keep it simple but fun, dramatic, satirical, whatever genre you like but as we are close to Valentine’s Day, maybe romance…

How to apply:  Submissions welcome to: johntopliff@hotmail.co.uk

Deadline: Monday 3 February 2014 

[Note: This deadline is not available in the initial posting, LPB contacted the company to confirm this date.]

Source:  Arts Council e-newsletter

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