55 Kings Contemporary Theatre Productions looking for writers

55 Kings Contemporary Theatre Productions Ltd. are a Cambridge based professional theatre company, established in 2014. 55 Kings was founded to create a new wave in original contemporary theatre in the Cambridge theatre scene. All their productions are written, crafted and produced by the team of theatremakers at 55 Kings, predominantly by the company directors, Atticus Orsborn and Livvy Neaves.

“In our first year we have seen have seen many successes, and have had a whole lot of fun! Our first production ‘The Laboratory.01’ was performed at The Basement stage at CB2 Bistro for two sell-out nights in April. This was the first installment of our annual showcases of monologues, duologues, scenes, sketches and comedy. In June we debuted our first full-length production, Burning Bright, at the Fusion Theatre Festival at The Junction, which proved a great success. Following this success we were invited back to The Junction to do a solo run of Burning Bright and we are now in collaboration with The Junction and producing new work for 2015/2016 with their artist support network, Troop.”

In the future they have plans for further showcases and full-length productions to be performed in Cambridge and in London.

At 55 Kings they do not have a set company, but instead have a large network of actors and performers who they use for various opportunities they feel they are suited to. In some cases, you may be invited for a short audition or informal chat with one of the company directors.

Similarly, if you are a writer and are looking to get your work commissioned, send us an email about yourself and with your play or piece attached and we can look into getting your piece performed if it matches with our ethos.

Email address: fiftyfifthking@gmail.com,

Work is paid or unpaid, depending on your experience or the scale of the production. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to get in touch!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/55kings
Twitter: https://twitter.com/55_Kings_
Email: fiftyfifthking@gmail.com
Website: www.55kings.co.uk

Deadline: None posted

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Page

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