Actor Awareness seeking 15-minute plays on theme of ‘Identity’ (must self-produce, paid)

Actor Awareness is seeking script submissions for their next scratch night on the theme of ‘Identity’ on 19 September 2016.

This project is heavily supported by Spotlight and this is a paid opportunity for the writers/ directors and actors. (They do not say what the budget is in the opportunity posting.)

About the theme: In their own words: “We are looking at what has been happening in the world recently with the racial hate in America, the ISIS attacks, Brexit, refugees, imagration, etc… with the social and economical climate changing day to day, we feel this theme gives the freedom to talk about about all that and looking closely at race, religion, culture, etc….”

What to submit: They are programming 4 shows, 15 mins long, maximum 3 actors per show plus the writer/ director, so 4 members for each group maximum all under the theme of identity.

How to apply:  Send all submissions to

Self-Producing Tips:  The following tips are excerpted from their website:

  1. It’s your show so it’s your responsibility. We have various scratch nights across London to organise so unfortunately time is of the essence. Casting, rehearsing, set and finding a director will be up to you. If you do need help in casting we can suggest people but it will be your responsibility to choose. A good tip is in the last scratch nights the writers, actors and directors involved treated it as being their own mini theatre company.
  2. Your show can not be over 15 minutes, we have to stick to a strict time schedule set by the venue. If your show does run over 15 minutes then the lights will come up and the show will be cut short.
  3. Before the show you will get an hour tech run on the day of performance in then space. On this day you must bring a tech script, marked with all your lighting and sound cues.
  4. Please keep set and props as minimal as possible, there is 6 shows so you will only have 2-3 minutes to set up and get off at the end. These shows are in small spaces and are there to showcase the writing and acting, not production value.
  5. Once you have everything organised, please send over the names of your actors and director and also a small summary of the show we can put into the programme.

Deadline: 28 August 2016

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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