Actors Temple Studio seeks new writers for Playwright/Playread workshop

The Actors Temple Studio is calling new writers for its next Playwright/ Playread Workshop on Sunday 4 June 2017.

They say it is “an opportunity to develop and workshop your writing at our Studio in Warren Street.

“Chosen writers will have a section of their script rehearsed for approximately 2 hours with our trained actors.

“There will then be a staged reading in front of an invited audience, with a Q&A session, critical feedback & networking.

“We select 2-3 playwrights to work with per session.”

What to submit/How to apply: 

1. A covering letter explaining why you would like to be part of the event, what you would like to focus on specifically during the workshop and what you hope to gain from the overall experience.

2. 10 – 15 pages of your script. This should be the scene or scene/s that you wish to be read at our Playwright/PlayRead Event.

3. A short summary about your play (One paragraph maximum).

4. A brief biography of you as a playwright (One paragraph maximum).

5. A clear cast list (our preference is for plays that require a maximum of 6 actors – this can include doubling of characters where appropriate)

6. Email

The  artistic director will be present to look out for new work eligible for The Actors Temple Create Project. Further details can be found here.

Deadline: Monday 15 May 2017

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook

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