Adrian Pagan Award 2015

The King’s Head Theatre is pleased to announce the 2015 Adrian Pagan Award.  This year the award is open to anyone who has not been professionally produced more than once.

The winning writer’s script will be produced at the King’s Head Theatre.

What to submit:  “We are looking for a good story, well told, that communicates bold ideas, is relevant to our times, and engages in some way with the live nature of theatre.”

Plays should be full length; a minimum running time of one hour.  Please include a character list and information about how many performers your play requires. For example, if you have eight characters but two actors can play two characters, please indicate that your play requires six performers.

Your submission checklist:

  1. Full length script as a PDF or Word document with no identifying information anywhere in the document.
  2. A cover letter with the play’s title, your name and contact details. This information will be kept separate to your script during the reading and judging processes.
  3. Please also complete an Equal Opportunities Monitoring form and submit it with your script.

How to apply:  For full details on how to submit, please download the Guidelines document and follow the instructions found within.  Please send all three documents as attachments in an email to

Deadline: 2 February 2015 at 10am

Source:  Script Consultant e-newsletter

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