Advanced Producing for Playwrights with Russell Lucas & London Playwrights

London-based theatremaker Russell Lucas & London Playwrights, are teaming up to deliver a two day theatre producing course for playwrights!

Venue – London TBC.

Firmly focused on inspiring and enabling writers to take control and stage their own work, this workshop will take your idea and offer up ways to bring it into fruition.

You could be at the start of writing a one-person show or building a musical.

Whatever your end goal, every piece of theatre must be put through the bare bones of what is required to take a piece of live art into a production.

Day One:

This first session will map out what you require to make your play into a relevant piece of theatre and build it into a responsive production.

In the workshop you will discover:

– What do you actually want to present on the stage?

– How to go about it.

– How to start

– How to budget and plan

– How to promote your work

Day Two:

The second day of the workshop will be about equipping you with the skills to remain active in the mounting of your production or its first reading.

You will discover:

– What is direction and what can it do for your work?

– What will be the director’s role in your play?

– What can an actor bring to your play?

– How to find and select your cast

– How to mount a readthrough

*The workshop is designed to work as a whole weekend, but we do offer individual day rates.Please email for more information.

**Previous delegates will automatically be invited to book a place on our second day.

Date: 27 & 28 May 2023/ 11am-5pm

Venue: London TBC

Cost: £78 members/ £98 non-members (not a member@ Join here)

Book here.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Producing for Playwrights with Russell Lucas & London Playwrights”

  1. David Percival

    Hi, I’m wondering if there are estimated start and end times for the playwright producing workshop yet? I don’t live in London so need to factor in travel if I decide to purchase a ticket.

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