All the sins digital magazine seeking submissions

All the sins is a quarterly digital magazine that encourages writers and artists to have courage and to sin against staid storytelling.

What to submit:  They are open to submissions of short scripts or audio/visual performances.

  • Written submissions should be submitted in Microsoft Word. Visual submissions should be in jpeg form (low res in the first instance).
  • Work should not already have been published, either online or in print. You must hold full rights to any submissions. They will take first publishing rights. They also reserve the right to use excerpts in web and social media for publicity purposes. Future republications should include a note of this first publication.
  • Include an artist bio of 70 words max, including any links.
  • If your art (written, visual or other) is in response to any of the other art on their site, please flag this for linking!

Theme:  In their own words:

“For issue 2, we are celebrating art through movement and movement in art. Interpret widely and be brave in your art. Movement in the literal sense of our bodies, cultural movements, political movements, weather patterns, if it moves, we’re interested. Our focus is on storytelling that sins so give us a story that surprises and entertains. From dance to nature and everything in between, let movement be your inspiration and send us your best work. Read Lisa’s feature on step to be inspired.

As always, we also welcome submissions outside the theme. Our interest is in writing and art of the highest quality, regardless of theme.”

How to apply:  Full details can be found on the submission page of their website.

The subject line of your email should read: SUBMISSION – author’s last name – form of submission (e.g. ‘SUBMISSION – Smith – poetry’). If your submission is a combination of categories, let us know that (e.g. ‘SUBMISSION – Smith – essay photograph’).

Deadline: 15 December 2016 at 11:59pm GMT

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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