Anima Theatre accepting submissions for Place to Be at the Rosemary Branch

Anima Theatre Company are looking for emerging writers who want to be involved in their ongoing project Place to be at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

How it works, in their words:

Each edition writers are sent to write a piece that responds to a Place of our choosing. Beginning from whatever they find, these singular stories are woven together into one play in one place and time. We want writers to broaden horizons, explore new perspectives and be out in the world, so we ask them to interact with the space and the people who inhabit it. They are tasked with writing a 15 minute piece for one performer which stems from something they have spoken about, someone they met, some strand of a conversation, or some other prompt that results from it. Our ethos: Don’t “write what you know” but find out what you don’t. The result is a unique portrait of a diverse community of people who may have nothing in common other than they are collected under one roof.

How to apply: send a 10 page extract of existing work and under 200 words on why you want to be involved to Henry at If you create theatre by means other than a script, please send existing material and include in the 200 words how you might respond to the brief.

Deadline: 7 January 2018

Source: direct contact.


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