Applecart Arts seeking playwrights to collaborate (paid)

Applecart Arts are looking for playwrights who can help us write four short plays as part of a project in Newham, in collaboration with the Council’s Resilience department.

The project:  This project Arts Activism will both amplify voices in Newham that are challenging extremism in various fields (from terrorism/hate crime to bigotry to mental health to honour based violence and etc.) and commission Newham artists to develop their own pieces inspired by these speakers to tell a story that Newham is resilient and says no to hate.

The project will run over four weeks from Feb 2018 under the Applecart Arts brand at the Applecart Arts venue at Harold Road.

Four dates with each two events (a matinee and an evening event) will each focus on a different kind of extremism:

  1. Terrorism and Hate Crime
  2. Empowering minorities (LGBQTI +)
  3. Youth Work and Rehabilitation
  4. Violence Against Women

Each event will have a similar format and consist of a speaker session, a short play, an interactive workshop and an artistic performance (like music, poetry etc.) all relevant to the theme.

The brief:  They are looking for four playwrights who can write one concise  5-10min play each, around one of the themes in a short turn-around time of a few weeks. The playwrights will get the opportunity to liaise with and talk to the Key Speakers beforehand and access to other resources where needed.

The Playwright will need:

  • An interest in social issues and politics
  • Ability to liaise with different stakeholders
  • Ability to work to a deadline


Availability: Flexible, they are hoping to meet writers on 25 or 26 Jan to chat about the project.

(The first event is on the 15 Feb, the last 8 March 2018.)

Fee: £125 per piece

How to apply: Please send your CV and a page extract (max. 2xA4) to

Deadline: 19 January 2018

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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