BAFTA Rocliffe Forum open to TV Drama scripts (entry fee)

The first BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum call – FOR TV DRAMA SCRIPTS opened on the 19 Jan. Many of last year’s winners have been signed by agents, had major broadcast commissions, as well as dramatising work for radio – more of that later in the year. Because of industry demand to know who has been selected – this year we will be publishing who made it onto the long-list for each call.

To help writers out with the application process, they’ve added a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page to our website – have a read of this before you send in your submissions. They should help answer any burning questions!

What to submit:  Check their Terms & Conditions for full guidelines.  They ask that writers prepare the following materials:

  1. A complete electronic email entry form via the Application Form
  2. Proof of payment such as like PayPal
  3. Industry relevant biography (100 words). It can say ‘This is my first script’ – we love discovering new talent. This should be on a single page with your name and application number.
  4. Short synopsis – 25 words
  5. Treatment or outline of the film (300 words max)
  6. Character breakdown of featured characters (50-100 words per character)
  7. Up to 6 episode guides: min 3 max 6 (30-50 words per episode)
  8. Introduction to extract that sets the scene (100 words)
  9. 10 page extract of the script (you may spill onto the 11th page to end a scene), typed and formatted to industry standards. Script pages should be numbered 1-10. Do not send full scripts.
  • Script extracts should be typed and follow standard script format. For information on formats, we recommend you look at BBC Writersroom.
  • No personal details to appear on materials except on biography page. The application number should appear on support material should be no more than 2.5 to 3 pages (excluding biography) and arranged in the following order: Biography, Logline, Treatment, Episode Guides, Character Breakdown, Introduction, Script.

How to apply: 

  1. APPLICATION FORM: Fill in an online application form which generates your application number.
  2. APPLICATION NUMBER – a ten digit application number is emailed to the address listed. If you don’t receive an email within 30 mins, please email
  3. PAY ONLINE: Using the dropdown menu for the required entry fee and enter your submission – or Send a CHEQUE to Rocliffe Ltd.
  4. SEND: By the appropriate deadline postal / hand delivered entry by 17.00 or electronic entry by midnight on final date.

Forward these with your email entry form, and attach your submission materials. Send as a single email to (all documents as pdfs). Script and Support material ordered as per YOUR ENTRY may be combined into a single document with the script extract attached separately. Name your documents with your Application Number and support materials or script.

The deadline for Early Bird submissions is the 31 January and the Final deadline for this competition is the 28 February. The ten page extract must be either a television screenplay or an episode from an original series on any subject or genre, but must reflect the diversity in society. Get writing!

Fee:  The early bird entry fee is £6, and the regular fee is £11 for hard copies (posted or hand delivered); it costs an addition £10 to submit by email, to cover their printing costs.  They charge one submission fee per script. There is no maximum submission per writer, however each submission will incur an entry fee.

You can opt for a feedback report for an additional fee of £30.

Deadline:  31 January 2015 (early bird submissions); 28 February 2015 (regular submissions)

Source:  BAFTA Rocliffe Email list

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