BBC Comedy accepting sketches for radio (paid)

The Show What You Wrote is back! BBC Radio 4’s themed sketch show returns for a second series. Each episode is based around a different subject and it’s all written by you.This is an opportunity for you to get involved in creating a show that sounds different from any other sketch show out there. The Show What You Wrote is open for anyone to enter, whatever your level of experience. If you have a good idea then write it up and send it to us. There is a flat fee for all non-commissioned material. This is:  £40 per minute, or £20 per 30 seconds for sketches.   This fee will be for taking all rights in the work in a non-exclusive basis. You will only be paid if your sketches air on Radio 4.

The themes for each episode are:1)    Science and Nature

2)    Geography

3)    Art and Literature

4)    Sport and Leisure

How to apply: sketches must be submitted by email but please check out BBC Writersroom for full guidelines as well as audio clips of last year’s series.

Deadline: 28th February 2014

Source: BBC Writersroom

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