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DMs Are Open is the BBC’s brand new open door show made by YOU – the listeners! Each episode is half an hour jam packed with sketches, jokes and voicenotes that are a mix of trending and topical stories about what life is like in 2022.

DMs Are Open isn’t limited to topical, political news. They’re more interested in the unusual news, trending topics, showbiz stories and the weird internet memes that everyone’s been talking about. The show is hosted by Athena Kugblenu and Ali Official, who will be joined each week by a revolving cast of three up-and-coming comedy talents, who’ll you’ll recognise from their great online sketches.

Submissions can be based on what’s happened that week, month or even so far this year as long as the sketches or jokes are funny and feel relevant to contemporary popular culture.

And for the first time, you’ve got the chance to hear your own voice on the show in the voicenotes feature. Anyone is able to submit a 20-second audio clip where you read your own material.  DMs are Open want to hear from all of the character comedians and writer/performers in this section.

– Voicenotes should be no more than 20 seconds long.

– No need for editing or adding sound effects – just your voice in a quiet room is enough!

– Single voice only.

– Make sure there’s no use of music and no background noise.

You’re welcome to submit up to 3 sketches, 2 one-liners, and 1 voicenote per person. Visit the DMs Are Open website to find full details and further information on how to enter.


Submissions open at midday on: Friday 13th May

Sketches: Midday Monday 16th May

One-Liners and voicenotes: Midday Tuesday 17th May

Then at the same times each week, for 6 weeks.

Submissions after these times or not meeting the above guidelines will NOT be read.

The show is broadcast weekly on Thursdays at 10.30pm on BBC Radio 4 Extra, and is then available on BBC Sounds.

Be sure to follow the show on Twitter: @DMsAreOpenBBC

Deadlines: various 

Source: BBC Writersroom

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