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The BBC Studios Writers’ Academy 2022 launches with new focus on original series development.

Originally created to provide support and paid training for up-and-coming screenwriters by working closely with BBC Continuing Drama Series, this year’s course will broaden its remit to appeal to a bigger pool of writers than ever before. For the first time, the course will guide writers through six months of paid series development.

As well as paid training, successful applicants will also receive guest lectures from some of the most well-respected writers in the industry, such as Jed Mercurio and Russell T Davies, and an opportunity to develop their own original drama series.

Successful Writers’ Academy applicants will receive:

  • Three months of paid training, including weekly individual tutorials on all aspects of dramatic technique and structure.
  • A series of guest lectures from some of the most influential and experienced screenwriters in TV such as Laurie Nunn (Sex Education), Jed Mercurio (Bodyguard, Line of Duty), Sophie Petzal (Blood, Hollington Drive), Russell T Davies (It’s A Sin, Years and Years), Anna Symon (Mrs Wilson, Deepwater), Tony Jordan (Hustle, Life on Mars) and Jimmy McGovern (Time, Broken).
  • The opportunity to trial for an EastEnders episode commission.
  • Six months of paid series development, resulting in their own original TV pilot script and series bible.

As a result, the successful writers will graduate the Academy with several new writing samples including a pilot episode and series bible for their own original series.

A training ground for some of the best and most prolific TV writing talent, the Academy’s alumni have contributed to nearly 5,000 episodes of broadcast TV achieving numerous wins and nominations for the industry’s major awards. Since 2005 (with a hiatus from 2014-2018) the Academy has coached 80 writers. In the last year alone, alumni have had 15 seasons of original TV drama series greenlit or recommissioned.

To make an application, applicants should use the BBC E-submissions portal by following the link below. The link will be live from Friday 11th March at noon.

Before making your application please ensure that you

Read the full details including Course Structure, Eligibility, Location and Terms and Conditions on the BBC Studios website

Hear from two previous successful applicants to the BBC Studios Writers’ Academy over on our blog

Applications open: 12pm (noon) on Friday 11th March 2022

Deadline: 12pm (noon) on Sunday 3rd April 2022 

For any questions please contact

Source: BBC Writersroom

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