BBC Writersroom Script Room 12 opens soon for Drama submissions

BBC Writersroom’s regular window for unsolicited scripts is open between 10am on Friday 9th December 2016 and 5pm on Monday 9th January 2017 for Drama scripts (TV, film, radio, stage or online).

What to submit:  Writers will be asked to submit:

  • 1 drama script of at least 30 minutes / pages in length for TV, Film, Radio, Stage or Online*
  • A brief biography of your writing to date (up to 1 paragraph) to be included on your profile
  • If you are submitting an episode script for a series/serial, you may also attach a brief outline (1-3 pages) of further episodes and the series/serial as a whole.  This should be attached as a separate PDF document to your script

Your script should be a saved as a single PDF document of no more than 10MB in size.

All scripts will be read “blind” i.e. without a name attached, until after full-read stage. Please remember to remove your name and contact details from your script.

*If you are submitting a sample script for Children’s TV or Online, you are welcome to submit 2 x 15 min episodes as a single PDF document.

How to apply:  The link to submit your script via their e-submissions system will activate at 10am on Friday 9th December. You will only be able to submit your script during the time the window is open.

Read the FAQs for their E-Submissions system

Additional guidance:  The BBC offers a number of online resource for those who want to send in a script.


Deadline: Monday 9 January 2017 at 5pm* (Note: submissions do not open until 9 December, so you cannot submit before that time!)

Source: BBC Writersroom

6 thoughts on “BBC Writersroom Script Room 12 opens soon for Drama submissions”

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  2. Where do we put our contact details if you don’t want names or personal details to accompany the script?

    1. Hi David, the BBC’s FAQ should cover this, but normally there’s an online form you send with your script, so it’s tagged electronically to keep track of people’s contact details, even though the material is read blind. Good luck!

  3. Will miss this go round but am very interested in submitting in the future.
    Could you please tell me when the next submission window might be? Is it a yearly intake?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi GD, they do have a regular schedule, but alternate between Drama and Comedy. They do tend to try to spread the word widely, so if you follow their Twitter or join their mailing list, you should hear about it. (And of course, we’ll put it on the blog when this next happens!)

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