Before I Go Theatre Company Launch Event

Before I Go Theatre Company is a new company set up by LPW member, Rupert Mallin.

Before I go is an ageless enterprise, for age should not be a restriction but an opportunity to work across the generations.

For their launch event, they will be staging two short plays.

Here are all the details: 

WHERE: The Garage Theatre, Norwich NR 2 1NY – 01603 283382

WHEN: Wednesday, November 3 and Thursday, November 4, at 7.30pm

The plays:

 ‘Phobia’ by Rupert Mallin and ‘The Song of The Worm’ by Helen Wells launch Before I Go Theatre Company.

Phobia. Irrational fears increase a pace in the ‘developed’ world. What is Lilly’s phobia and can she confront it with the help of therapist, John? Yet, is this really the turmoil of her psychology or is it wrought by society?

The Song of The Worm explores our reactions to climate change across the generations, makes manifest the unseen influence of press, power and advertising that insidiously shapes our views and asks the question “Where are the radical elders?”

Source: direct contact

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