Black Theatre Live accepting submissions for mid-scale tour

The Black Theatre Live national touring consortium is inviting expression of interest applications for the 3rd mid scale touring / co-production for 2017-18.


  • For clarity, the “mid-scale Black Theatre Live tour” is understood to mean predominantly narrative/text based theatre; though music, dance, aerial etc may form part of the storytelling
  • By mid-scale we mean productions that are of sufficient scale to perform on  main-house stages, in auditorium of 300 to 700 capacity for up to a 1 week run.
  • Application is open to BAME artists and/or BAME companies
  • Theatre productions may be of new work, revivals or re-tours of existing product
  • Must express an active commitment to touring the Black Theatre Live partner venues & an engagement with Black Theatre Lives’ aims and objectives
  • Must be available and tour-ready between April 2017 and March 2018
  • The tour will receive financial investment from Black Theatre Live and be produced by or in association with Black Theatre Live


  • They do not require a detailed budget at application stage, however you will need to present a detailed budget if you are shortlisted to pitch the show for touring.

Applicants x 2 pages maximum by email to

Deadline 5pm Fri 1 July 2016.

The 8 Black Theatre Live Artistic Directors will invite shortlisted projects to pitch their show on Tues 19 July 2016.


Black Theatre Live is a pioneering national consortium of 8 regional theatres led by Tara Arts, committed to effecting change for BAME touring theatre through a sustainable 3-year programme of national touring, structural sector support and audience development.

Black Theatre Live is a partnership of Tara Arts (London), Derby Theatre, Queens Hall Arts (Hexham), the Lighthouse (Poole), Theatre Royal Bury St. Edmunds, Theatre Royal Margate, Key Theatre (Peterborough) and Stratford Circus (London).

Black Theatre Live will shape a dynamic national programme of mid- and small-scale TOURS. Its structured audience development and community engagement programmes will include live digital streaming and cinema relay.

Deadline: 1 July 2016

Source: Black Theatre Live e-newletter

3 thoughts on “Black Theatre Live accepting submissions for mid-scale tour”

  1. Can I just send in a play for someone to read. I wouldn’t know how to submit a detailed budget if it came up behind me and bit me in the arse/ass (for my American friends).

    The Return of Harold Hardy.

    It’s been 40 years since successful black business man Harold Hardy last saw his one and only love, white woman, Sandra Lovell but now he’s returned to the brutal Southern neighbourhood that almost broke him.
    Does he really expect change ? Or is he the over sentimental fool that he suspects he might be?

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Ian,

      We’d recommend you get in touch with Black Theatre Live directly as we only re-post these opportunities.

      Best of luck with it,

  2. rupert stutchbury

    Am always baffled by this sort of submission. One has a 70- 80 page play to pitch, and they want to see 2 pages! It’s like asking to hear 1 bar from a 5 bar blues number!

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