Blindspot Theatre seeking submssions for Coventry Theatre Festival

Next Spring, Blindspot will be hosting a week long theatre  festival in the centre of Coventry that will aim to bring unseen stories, ideas and theatre styles out of people’s blind spot.
Writing submissions for the festival are now open!
How to apply: read the full guidelines here
Deadline: 15 January 2018
Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

4 thoughts on “Blindspot Theatre seeking submssions for Coventry Theatre Festival”

    1. Hi Graham, We just repost these opportunities to spread the word. Your best bet is to contact the organisers directly for help with this question – good luck!

  1. I have the same problem as Graham Large above. I can’t upload my play to Blindspot Theatre on the submission form provided. Might I send the pdf via e-mail? Please advise. Charles

    1. Hi Charles, sorry to hear you’re having this issue – we just share these opportunities so we recommend contacting the organisers directly. If you hear anything useful, it would be great if you could post an update as it sounds like other readers may be having the same issue!

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