Brave New World seeks shorts on theme of Legacy for ‘Slam’ new writing night

Brave New World is open for submissions for five minute pieces for a new writing night on the theme of Legacy on Friday 31 March at Slam in King’s Cross.

Theme:  Brave New World says after a year of high-profile deaths in 2016 Legacy will explore the aftermath. In their own words:

“Having waved goodbye to Obama from the White House and with Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher and George Michael all pushing up the daisies, we’ll be wiping our eyes, blowing our noses and conducting our own kind of autopsy.

“As well as examining the things left behind, we’re interested in what (or, more importantly, who) will succeed them.

“We’ve noticed that death can cause even the harshest of critics to grow sentimental, and that the way people are remembered after death can be very different to the way they were perceived while alive. Do we know, and can we influence the things we’ll be remembered for? Sure, Bowie wrote his death into his Blackstar album, but is it actually possible to determine our own legacies?

“We’re looking for 5-minute pieces of new writing on the theme of legacy, which, amidst all the ch-ch-changes, will help us turn and face the strange.”

What to sumbit: 5-minute pieces of any form, including drama, poetry and prose.  If your piece is a script, please send it in clear, standardised formatting, including only character names, stage directions and dialogue. (Brave New World recommends Celtx software for this, which can be downloaded for free from this link:

How to apply: Send all submissions to in either Word or PDF format as an email attachment.

Deadline: Monday 20 February 2017 at midnight

Source: Direct contact

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